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Leave On-Roof Snow Removal to the Professionals

Leave On-Roof Snow
Removal to the Professionals

Significant roof snow accumulation can lead to excessive weight, ice damming, and dangers from blocked vents and chimneys.  Make the clearing of  accumulated snow a part of your regular exterior winter maintenance program.

In order to prevent roof ice dams, it is recommended to remove the snow on the roof up to the soffit over-hang.  This will keep the area and eaves clear for snow melt and help to keep ice from accumulating at the edge of the roof where ice damming occurs.  This process should be completed from the ground using a "snow rake" available at most home centres.

When there is significant roof snow build-up or in areas not accessible from ground level, the job should be done by a professional.  Ensure that the company has fall insurance and follows all rules and regulations from Occcupational Health and Safety or else any accidents could leave you liable.

Be aware that the use of improper tools on the roofing material could cause damage so be sure to ask what tools are being used and what precautionary measures are being taken to avoid roof damage. After the snow is cleared, make sure that all the vents and chimneys are checked and repaired as necessary by the appropriate professionals.

It is also advisable to clear any excessive roof snow and snow pack from around the perimeter of the house to keep spring snow melt from seeping into the basement.