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Deciding on the discretionary move

Deciding on the discretionary move.

Sometimes we don't have much choice about selling our home and buying
another. Circumstances, such as a job relocation, may have made that
choice for us.

However, most often the decision to move is discretionary. Sometimes
people move simply because they think it's a good idea. They feel that
"now" is the right time to find their next dream home.

So how do you make that kind of decision?

There are, of course, many reasons to make a discretionary move. Usually,
those reasons fall into one of two categories: need and want.

You may need to find a new home, for example, because you've outgrown
your current property. Perhaps you have a growing family and require more
space. Maybe you're doing more entertaining and need a larger backyard
with a more spacious deck. It could be that the commute to work is arduous
and you need to move to a place that's closer.

Those "needs" may motivate you to move, but sometimes a "want" plays an
important role, too.

For example, you may want to live in a quieter neighbourhood or in a newly
built home that requires less maintenance. Maybe you simply want a

If you're thinking of making a move, take a moment to write down a list of
your needs and wants. Seeing them on paper will help make the decision

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